FoundME for Students

Going the extra mile for interns

At FoundME, we value the person behind the resume. We believe in giving team members the power to move freely and engage exciting opportunities. Next to pre-defined roles, we also open summer internships where we discover what you'd like to do. This way, we can help you to discover and work on what you really want.

Weekly 1:1's with company CEO or direct executive
Competencies strong focus on your growth
network who we know, you know

Applications for Summer 2018 are open!

Things you might be pondering about

What are the eligibility requirements?

Unfortunately, Belgian law prevents us from hiring interns who are not supported by their institution. We recommend to seek advice from your program manager if your institution supports voluntairy internships. Most do.
This implies that we require you to be enrolled in an academic institution during the period of your internship.
- Interns can be undergraduate, graduate level or PhD.
- Submit a full application
- Able to commit at least 24h / week in a 10 week program.

When should I apply?

We are accepting students on a rolling basis. Usually 30 days after your initial application.

When do you have internships?

We have internships all year round together with supporting co-op programs. In summer we have a special 'free' internship where we focus on particular skillsets and point of development of the applicant.

What location do you hire in?

We love working remote so we have internships all over the world. Thought, if you want to locate in our offices. We have one in San Francisco, USA and Gent, Belgium.

What's the hiring process?

First of all, we only accept full applications (answering everything we asked). This application will be reviewed by our talent team. Only if they feel that there could be a synergy, you will be contacted to schedule a first round phone or video interview. Here we'll ask you about your interests, lifegoals,.. totally about you. If we are still convinced of your profile you'll be asked to have another interview including more technical/functional/practical questions.

Will I be paid?

No. We do not offer paid internships at the moment. This will likely change in the future. We do offer you a bunch of advantages and goodies though.